The top 10 reasons to book directly with Uvamai


1. The most convenient tour options with simplified booking process.

2.  No hidden cost are involved (so there is no need of negotiations required)

3. Highly professional with experienced destination specialists.

4. Guaranteed pick-up (no last minute cancellation from our side)

5. Flexibility in itinerary.

6. Most safe and secured in all aspects.

7. We always follow guidelines of UNWTO, 


8. Registered with Government of India 

9. We are not part of any profitable based associations (it makes us big difference from others)

10. Finally we do not have any business targets, so we don't rush to close the deal.



Tips for a Responsible Travel


Dear Traveller, 

The “Responsible Tourist and Traveller” is a practical guide to help you make your trip an enriching experience. The advice is based on the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of the World Tourism Organization. 

Travel and tourism should be planned and practiced as a means of individual and collective fulfillment. When practiced with an open mind, it is an irreplaceable factor of self education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences between peoples and cultures and their diversity. 

Everyone has a role to play creating responsible travel and tourism. Governments, business and communities must do all they can, but as a guest you can support this in many ways to make a difference: 

1. Open your mind to other cultures and traditions – it will transform your experience, you will earn respect and be more readily welcomed by local people. Be tolerant and respect diversity – observe social and cultural traditions and practices. 

2. Respect human rights. Exploitation in any form conflicts with the fundamental aims of tourism. The sexual exploitation of children is a crime punishable in the destination or at the offender’s home country. 

3. Help preserve natural environments. Protect wildlife and habitats and do not purchase products made from endangered plants or animals. 

4. Respect cultural resources. Activities should be conducted with respect for the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage. 

5. Your trip can contribute to economic and social development. Purchase local handicrafts and products to support the local economy using the principles of fair trade. Bargaining for goods should reflect an understanding of a fair wage. 

6. Inform yourself about the destination’s current health situation and access to emergency and consular services prior to departure and be assured that your health and personal security will not be compromised. Make sure that your specific requirements (diet, accessibility, medical care) can be fulfilled before you decide to travel this destination. 

7. Learn as much as possible about your destination and take time to understand the customs, norms and traditions. Avoid behavior that could offend the local population. 

8. Familiarize yourself with the laws so that you do not commit any act considered criminal by the law of the country visited. Refrain from all trafficking in illicit drugs, arms, antiques, protected species and products or substances that are dangerous or prohibited by national regulations.

Source: UNWTO - The Responsible Tourist and Traveller