Madurai Tour Packages

Madurai Tour Packages

Madurai situated on the banks of River Vaigai is an antique and heritage city. Madurai gets its name from an earlier name Madhurapuri. It is said that the Pandiya King, Kulasekaran built Goddess Meenakshi Amman Temple. The rest of the town was also built around the temple. Madurai was the capital of Pandya Kingdom which ruled until the early 10th Century. Thereafter the Chola's ruled for the next three centuries before Pandya rule was re-established.  

Shortly thereafter, Madurai has become a part of Mughal Empire. When the Vijayanagar Empire took over, the appointed the Nayaks as their representative to rule Madurai.  Madurai is famous as centre of literary luminance and nourishing. In the pre-christian era, Madurai was home to the Tamil Sangam which attracted  patronage. Many literary masterpieces were penned which survive even today. Tamil language is said to have risen and glorious heights only during this period of sangam age which was provided a golden touch by the Pandiya Kings.   

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