Thoothukudi & Tirunelveli Tour Packages

Tour Packages from Thoothukudi & Tirunelveli

Thoothukudi one of the major port cities in India, It is famed for pearl fishing, production of salt, production of fertilizer and heavy water plants, fishing and also for its thermal power station.. Also this district is the center for folk art and there are several handicraft centers. 

Tirunelveli’s history dates back to 2000 year ago, and thus, the city is inarguably one of the best places to trace the stories of various dynasties and its legends. The major attraction of this sixth largest city in the state, is the Kanthimathi – Nellaiappar Temple, which stands in the centre of this ideal pilgrimage spot and boasts the largest Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu.  Tirunelveli also has a gourmet treat for you in the form of Halwa, for which the city has been famous since 1800s. Yes, the melt-in-the-mouth delight is a must-try and has to be taken home as a souvenir for friends and family 

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